Smelt — it's about love!
Photo: Denis Glushenko
Smelt is not just the favorite fish of locals, it is a real winter symbol of Primorye.

Precisely in January days the famous fish can be found on every tables of Primorye. And if at home it is a traditional fried smelt, then at restaurants chefs surprise guests with unusual ways of cooking and serving winter fish.

The restaurant festival

During the Festival every participating restaurant of Vladivostok offers the fried smelt at promotional price

However, there is nothing limiting the chefs' imaginations: they can make ukha (fish soup), fish in marinades and various sauces, or whatever recipes they want — the only condition is that a traditional lightly floured and fried version must be on the menu.

You can taste smelt fish at these places!

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Tatiana Zarechneva
Director of Strategic Development and Special Projects for Pacific Tourist Union, Manager of Pacific Russia Food Project